You're PERFECT... and you need a little help

The principle of Network Chiropractic Care and Reorganizational Healing can be simply expressed by this quote from Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki Roshi:

“All of you are perfect just as you are and you could use a little improvement.”

The essence of this quote from a healing perspective is that there is a perfection intrinsic to you: the perfect doctor, the perfect teacher, the perfect guide, the perfect whatever you need. In chiropractic, that’s called your “Innate Intelligence”, the organizer of your body and mind that expresses healing via your nervous system through the spine.  This helps you and your body be adaptable, dynamic, and responsive to an environment that is always changing.

The “perfection” is that this Innate Intelligence is especially “smart” at adapting to three kinds of forces: physical, emotional/mental, and chemical:

  • Physical forces includes accidents, head traumas, cuts, bruises, sitting, slouching, poor posture while driving and exercising, playing sports, falls, lack of sleep.
  • Emotional/mental forces includes relationship stress, time and deadline stress, job stress, family stress, social media bully stress and comparison, and more.
  • Chemical forces includes air pollution, treatment chemicals in the water, poor nutrition, medication, recreational drugs, and environmental toxins.

When your nervous system adapts to these outside forces, you express health. Health is an inside job, and our state of health is the sum of the choices we make along with the state of our nervous system. When your nervous system can’t adapt to these stresses properly, breakdown and a lack of health occurs. This is the “needs improvement” category. See…

Sometimes our nervous system can’t adapt to it all.

Life happens. Sometimes it’s more than we can bear, and our brain and spine get overwhelmed. A lack of health is a sign that our nervous system cannot fully adapt to what is occurring – there is a gap between our current level of function and what is required to handle what is on our plate. There’s interference to our perfection, it doesn’t fully express, things break down. We show symptoms - physical, mental, or emotional.

Vitalistic chiropractic removes the interference to your perfection (the adaptability of your nervous system, or your Innate Intelligence) so that it can fully express: self-regulation, self-healing, self-referential, vital and energized from the inside out.

Network Spinal Analysis and Reorganizational Healing (the chiropractic approach we use in our office) applies this principle and then takes it farther. We remove the interference to your body’s adaptability by helping your Innate Intelligence get smarter to resolve it from the inside and better adapt the next time. The amazing thing about your brain and nervous system is that it LEARNS!

We do so by upgrading how your spine and nerve system adapt to physical, emotional-mental, and chemical forces. It gives “a little improvement” to your perfection, so you can express your Innate Intelligence more fully when life happens. By having a more adaptable spine and nerve system, you can heal what you previously couldn’t and also grow healthier during new stress, rather than getting “stuck” because of it.

This helps you close the gap between where you are now and the level of health you were born to have for the life you are called to live.

As we said, you’re perfect exactly as you are AND you could use a little improvement. We are honored that you choose us to help you make those improvements.

For those who want to learn more about our Minneapolis, MN chiropractic office and our approach to health, and join us at one of our many complimentary workshops. You can also call (612)354-2231 to schedule a complimentary consultation with the doctor.

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