The Body is the Mind

Which is true when dealing with illness or disease, "mind over matter" -or- do every tissue, cell and organ need to be healed/detoxed/balanced/fixed? Can both be right, or even connected?

We've all heard how our gut is our second brain, right?  How the bacteria in our gut, the foods we eat, etc. can make a huge difference in our clarity, energy, and connectedness? Candace Pert, a PhD and researcher of neuroscience and pharmacology who studied the mind-body connection and wrote hundreds of articles, took it even further in her book 'Your Body is your Subconscious Mind'  with this powerful phrase..."Your mind is in every cell of your body."

The body uses your spinal cord to communicate information constantly to your brain about your environment, through all of our sensory systems. Your spinal cord and its tension and tone tell your brain whether you're safe and can explore/play/work, or whether you need to be on guard for danger. The brain listens to these signals subconsciously and makes appropriate decisions based on the information it gets. As we are learning, and even the CDC says, 90% of illness is stress related.  Could it be that old thought patterns, or old tension patterns in the spine from something that happened years ago are creating our present reality of illness, pain, or stress?

The brain can make very powerful and instantaneous shifts that create spontaneous healing. Also, changing the state of your body (improving your posture, doing breath work, shaking meditations, etc.) have huge effects on both your brain and your body. So what's better, working from the body up to the brain, or focusing your conscious brain on healing your body?

In my opinion, BOTH! However, since less than 10% of our brain is under conscious control, we will have much more effective ways of processing either a trauma or an illness when involving your body, especially the spinal cord. 

The work we do focuses on the connection between your body and your mind, very gently removing interference to help your brain AND your body be at their best. If you are interested in optimizing your bodymind, fill out the Contact Us form to the side!






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