Your most valuable asset

What is your most important asset? Is it your home, your retirement fund, or your business? We all take great measures to ensure these precious treasures are in good order.

Just like you may have your most crucial financial resource, our bodies also have their most important asset. It is one of first structures to form while we are developing in utero. In fact, it’s so important that it’s the only organ that your body completely covers in bone for its protection. Did I also mention that it also controls everything in your body? By now I’m sure you're not surprised to hear me tell you that your body’s most important asset is your brain!

Now, everyone wants their financial assets to be in tip top performance. You want your house in the best condition, your 401K getting the best return, and your business making its highest possible profits. But have you ever thought about how well your body’s most valuable resource is performing? Even though your thinking may be just fine, the duties of your brain extends well below your two ears. It has to send messages all the way down your spinal cord and out to the body via the nerves. If the bones in your neck or back shift out of alignment, they can “pinch” on either the spinal cord or the spinal nerves and our brain’s messages won’t get through to the body. When the body and brain can’t talk, our amazing brains are rendered much less useful. The disconnection can lead to a host of health problems including chronic diseases, chronic migraines, spinal pain, tingling, numbness or pain in your limbs, and fatigue.

But don’t worry, these misalignments in your back can be corrected! Your chiropractor’s job is to help take pressure off of the spinal cord so the brain’s messages can fully reach every part of your body. Because when your brain is working at 100%, you can enjoy your other assets with 100% ease.
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    Dr. Sheena grew up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and completed her undergraduate studies in Architecture, Chemistry, and Sustainability at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.