We Turned Eight

Last week, our office turned 8!  We couldn't be more thankful to get to do what we do, and hope to be around for many years to come! 

Top 8 changes for the past 8 years of Lifelong Health Family Chiropractic: 
1. You, our beloved clients!  We get so excited to see your stories improve and watch you be able to do all the things you love, whether that's to run a half marathon, picking up your grandbabies, or more travel.  

2. Getting to watch your families grow.  We have seen SO many families start and get bigger (and bigger, and bigger)!  With many three-generation families and after checking hundreds of newborn babies, we have so much gratitude for your trust and the special role you let us have in your family.

3.  Our staff!  We have had 3 fabulous associates (Dr. Amy Orth, Dr. Amy Hippard, and now Dr. Kyle), and so many great CA's... I just reminisced with someone yesterday who could remember all the way back to Avivah in 2011! (Since then, Erin J, Liz, Laura, Tom, and Rachel have helped us lots!).  We are so thankful for all of them and wish them well on their paths.

4. Our techniques!  We have studied CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics), TRT (Torque Release technique), AMP (Advanced Muscle Palpation), Talsky tonal techniques, SOT Cranials, and now Network Spinal Analysis to bring you the best results in your chiropractic care!

5. Our physical office.  We started with beige carpet and green walls in Feb 2010.  The office had one table and a completely open adjusting area, followed by a second table, a partition, followed by a huge remodel in 2015 with floors, skylight, a custom front desk,  and paint. Most recently, we've added Dr. Kyle's new adjusting area to accommodate more people comfortably.

6. We've loved having chiropractic interns!  Starting back in 2010 with Mandy, we had a steady stream of interns for 4 years with Sarah, John, Patience, Jenna, Landyn, Alayna, and Ashley.  After a 4-year break so Dr. Erin could focus on her children, we have been happy to have Dr. Kyle and now Kim join us as well! It's been so fun to have the energy and excitement to learn of all of our great interns.

7. It's been so exciting to partner with and see the growth of so many fantastic local businesses.  Shoutouts to some of our faves: Eastside Coop, Salon Stella, Intelligent Nutrients, Brow Chic, Everyday Miracles, Yoga Mama, Brasa, Coffee Cart Minneapolis, Blue Branches Acupuncture, and Muse Flora.

8. What a fun explosion of new business we've seen in NE Minneapolis!  We are so excited for all the new breweries, coffee shops, yoga studios, and other fun places within just a few blocks of our office.

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