The Best Doctor is Within You

Your body has an amazing healing power within. This deep core of chiropractic's philosophy couldn't be more contradictory to our modern culture's way of thinking. We look outside our body - for a quick fix, a pill, a potion, a procedure, a supplement, etc., to get our bodies working right.  We listen to our doctor's advice about our children and our own bodies as if they have all the answers. Even if people choose a more natural way, such as chiropractic, I am seen as the healer.  People ask me to "fix me up, doc" almost daily.

But who does the healing? Is it the adjustment? Is it the particular techniques we as chiropractors use? Is it the words we say?

We believe that the entity behind the healing is the Innate Intelligence in your body.  Each living thing has the Innate Intelligence designed to maintain the material of its body. It coordinates the healing forces and organizes your body, your mind, your emotions... even your life.  This powerful healing power in you directs healing where and how it is needed.  Millions, even billions of cells may be involved, with more rhythms and processes than you can even fathom.

So what coordinates this?  We call it your conductor, your brain. Whether the conductor plays a beautiful, coordinated tune of health, or an asynchronous, out of tune disease depends on whether or not your brain, the conductor, can communicate with your body. And THIS is where your chiropractor comes in.

By removing the interference in your nervous system, we attempt to collaborate with your innate intelligence so that your body has can be more in tune with itself. The healing doesn't happen on the table, but as your innate intelligence takes the force of the adjustment and integrates it. The master conductor can then spark the wave of cellular healing that is needed.

This brilliance within you has been there since conception, coordinating your growth and development, and will always be with you until your last breath. Will supporting this with nutrition and exercise mean we function and feel better? YES.  Might there be times when we need help from the outside to get our bodies through a crisis?  YES.  However, the stronger your innate intelligence's connection to all the parts of the body, the less other "outside" forces will be necessary.

So as you enter our office, we hope you can feel the shift from an "outside" mentality to one that holds space for the powerful inner force within you. We hope your body can come out of protection mode an into growth. As the outside mentality focuses on what's breaking down, we urge you to use your amazingly brilliant and powerful mind to amplify what's right, what's working, where the love and harmony are.

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    Dr. Sheena grew up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and completed her undergraduate studies in Architecture, Chemistry, and Sustainability at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.