Step into Alignment in 2020

We (belatedly!) wish you a happy New Year.  Are you a goal setter? A resolution maker? For the last few years, I have set an intention rather than specific goals. This image suits mine perfectly: to live in aligned freedom. To take up space, to be myself without apologies, and to make sure that the choices I make are not made from the fear of disappointing others, but following the wisdom and calling I hold true. 

So how does this connect to the spine? Many of us lack proper alignment in our spine. We have picked up defense postures and stress through years of living through difficult situations either physically, emotionally, mentally, or even chemically. 

Are there any parts that no longer feel true to you? Are you holding on to stress, or have you built walls that don't serve you anymore? 

The tension, tone, and position of your spine have a direct impact on the tension and tone of you and your life.  For some this can look like pain that keeps you from doing what you love. For others, you find your body constantly under stress and things like sleep and digestion become very difficult. 

For those who are ready to get back to their free and authentic self this year, send us a message! 

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    Dr. Sheena grew up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and completed her undergraduate studies in Architecture, Chemistry, and Sustainability at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.