Spring Into Health: One Simple Tip

Hooray! It is finally March and spring is (hopefully) on the way!

This month, we will be discussing lots of small tweaks that we can make to our routines to Spring Into Health! Using the extra light and frenetic energy that comes this month to springboard into greater health changes will create even more leverage - more energy, and moving closer to the direction of our goals (health or life).

Our first tip this month is very simple. Instead of trying to make a major diet change, could you add one more fruit or vegetable to each meal? Bonus points for a raw fruit or veggie! Adding blueberries with breakfast, a small salad instead of fries with your burger for lunch, and some carrot sticks with dinner would be a very pleasant and simple way to hit this goal.

Meanwhile, you have increased your energy, boosted your antioxidant status, increased fiber for digestion, consumed essential vitamins and minerals to help your body work well, all while fighting cancer, reducing your risk of diabetes, and improving digestion. Whether your goal is weight loss, more energy, healing a condition, or aging gracefully,health is best achieved through small, sustainable steps. 

Join us next week for a small tweak in your exercise for exponential change!

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