Self Care Challenge 2019

Who here has made it through our gentle self care challenge?  We have breathed, made peace with our body parts, moved, drank more water, and added more nutrients. Hopefully you have found something pleasurable that you can add to your daily routine that makes you feel good, be more healthy, and be more apt to show yourself love.

If your New Years' resolution has already gone bust, I highly recommend that you take some time and think about reframing an intention or a word of the year for 2019.  A word can help you focus your behaviors and thoughts, as if providing a lens or filter through which you can make decisions.

Some great questions to ask yourself to help decide what aligns best for your values and what word is right for you include: What was the best thing I did in 2018?  What am I most proud of?  Where can I expand on my good work? What are some words that describe how I want to feel, and what feels good in my body? What are my priorities this year?  Is there anything I want to let go of? Is there a theme that connects anything you intend for this next year?

This year, I will be aiming to ‘simplify’ lots of different parts of my life: to decrease clutter and not buy more to fill in what I’ve donated or thrown away, to spend less time on screens and more time in person, to eat more whole and unprocessed foods, to move toward a waste-free home, to read the books I already have (anybody else have piles of unread books?) instead of buying more. 

If part of your intention or word this year includes taking good care of yourself, surrounding yourself with strong women, or chiropractic care, I would love to hear more from you!

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