It's Chiropractic Discovery Week - Happy 123rd Birthday to Chiropractic!

This week will be an exciting week of fun, snacks, and trivia to celebrate the birthday of chiropractic and the life-changing effects it has had on so many people!  Way back in 1895, when the first chiropractor, DD Palmer, made his first adjustment to his janitor, the janitor had a restoration of hearing, which had been distorted for years.  Since then, millions of people have been able to see how their bodies feel better, function better, and heal better once the interference in their nervous system has been removed.

To celebrate you and your commitment to your health, we will have:

MORE Monday Sept. 17 - Breakfast with the docs, and a celebration of what MORE your body can do    TRIVIA Tuesday Sept 18 - A chance for some fun prizes if you know the answers to chiropractic trivia       TESTIMONIAL Thursday Sept 20 - Share your experience of care online or on video

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