Immune System Boost for fall

This fall, let’s tune up our immune systems before we get hit with this year’s round of illnesses!  Whether you’re prone to fall allergies, or colds or flus, here are four predictable and reliable ways to improve our immune function so you can get out and enjoy this beautiful season!

1. Vitamin D.  Here in MN, with our northern latitude and cool fall and winter temps, we need to start to add a Vit D3 supplement in September!  2,000 IUs/day for children, and 4,000-5,000 IUs/day for adults are great daily maintenance doses. If you have been tested to be deficient, you can take even more.  Vitamin D is affordable and easy to take in a liquid form – we love Innate Choice’s product, set in organic olive oil!

2. Healthy/healing diet.  It’s no wonder that colds and flus are on the rise between Halloween and Christmas or Hanukkah with all of the holiday sweets and unhealthy eating!  We recommend focusing on vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats such as avocado and coconut oil, and protein.  Sweets, dairy, and refined carbohydrates inflame your body and create extra mucus, so avoid these!

3. Chiropractic care – keeping your nervous system, which controls your immune system, healthy with chiropractic has been researched heavily – results show chiropractic can improve your immune system by increasing macrophage and white blood cells.  Immune function has shown improvement for frequent colds, viruses, even cancer.  Another study has shown a decrease ear infections by up to 93%.

4. Come to our herbal remedy workshop on Saturday, October 7 at 12N, where you will learn how to make safe and effective remedies made from nature to keep your immune function in tip top shape!

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