Herbal Remedies Workshop

Bracing yourself for fall and winter and all of the sniffles, ear infections, colds and flus?  What if you didn't have to spend winter laid out, or worried if your children will have to take yet another round of antibiotics, or miss another day of work or school?

As we mentioned several weeks ago, adjustments, Vitamin D, and a healthy gut are our biggest weapons against staying healthy every winter.  But for when we feel something coming on, why not have these powerful herbal remedies on hand to stop it in its tracks?

In this class, the Herbal Remedies that you will make and take home include:

Fire Cider
Echinacea Tincture (non-alcoholic version available)
Elderberry Tincture (non-alcoholic version available)
Elderberry Syrup

Cost $30 || Limit 10 people

The cost simply covers the supplies.  You will walk away with the remedies listed above and the jars/droppers needed to use them as well as instruction on how to use them, and resources to be able to make more of these remedies!

Taught by Megan Rodriguez

To sign up, just follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/herbal-remedies-to-fight-off-colds-and-flus-tickets-38014193476

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