Happy Mother's Day!

To all of our wonderful moms, stepmoms, mothers-to-be, wishing-to-be mothers, foster and adoptive moms, rockstar aunts, teachers, health care providers, and all women who nurture our children and others, we are grateful for you.  Thank you so much for your persistent care, your selfless love, your sacrifices, and for sticking it out.

It is our greatest honor and privilege to get to work with all of you!  As women, it is our nature to put others first.  I salute you for taking great care of yourself so that you can take even better care of your family, students, patients.  Whether you're a pregnant mom, a mama to crazy toddlers, or a grandma with grown kiddos, I hope you get to take time this weekend to do what you love!  Get a massage, buy some plants, do yoga, go out for brunch.  And for those of you who long for someone to celebrate you this weekend -  we acknowledge your ache, and we have a little something special for all the women at our office this weekend.
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