Gratitude Improves my Health?

Heading into the Holidays, we often begin to stress - focusing on all the gifts that need to be bought, food that needs to be made, and items on the to-do list that need to be done. Instead, focusing on gratitude may be able to make you even more healthy and productive.

Research (in Psych Today) shows that grateful people who journal their gratitude fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, making you much more likely to have energy throughout the day!

Gratitude and positive emotions are also associated with a healthy heart - grateful people are less stressed, leading to beneficial improvements heart rate variability and lowered stress-related heart disease.

Grateful people are also more optimistic, less depressed, and have greater vitality levels to do all the things they need to do. This healthier outlook on life will help you to achieve your goals, and have more fun along the way.

Join us next week to explore some wonderful gratitude practices.
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