Chiropractic for a Stronger, Balanced Immune System

We have approached that time in winter when most mamas have nearly thrown in the towel - colds, flus, stomach bugs.  Fighting all the viruses, bacteria, toxins, pollution, fungus, and parasites... it's amazing our kiddos have good days.  But will we even be done with this cold before spring allergies kick in?

The key to having a healthy immune system is balance.  Did you know that there are two major parts to the immune system?

The first part of the immune system to form is the one to deal with threats to our cells, such as viruses and bacteria. This is called Cell-mediated, or Th1 immunity. The bonus about encountering these things in early childhood is that it can help the immune system know what to do for future stronger germs. But if it's overactive, it can create autoimmune diseases or frequent illnesses.

Another part of the immune system helps fight against things from the outside, called humeral or Th2 immunity.  When this part gets out of balance, allergies, eczema, asthma, and sinusitis are common.  Exposing your child to dust, dirt, dander, healthy bacteria, other children, and avoiding toxins can help avoid Th2 immunity.

Our top 5 tips for building a healthy immune system include:

  1. Nutrition.  Lots of healthy vegetables and fruits with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and prebiotics help the gut and immune system. Bone broth is another awesome thing to help your body heal.  And to avoid mucus building and inflammation, try cutting out dairy and sugar.
  2. Movement - light exercise fires up the immune system.
  3. Rest - at least 8 hours of sleep helps your body repair and fight against all those foreign invaders
  4. Beat stress - As you've probably experienced, it's very common to get sick after a big stressful event such as finals, a big work project, etc. Meditation, breathing exercises, play, and music are all great ways to help your body relax.
  5. Chiropractic adjustments.  Compared to a regular control group, long-term chiropractic patients had DOUBLE the immune response. They had a 400% stronger immune system compared to a group consisting of cancer patients and other immuno-compromised people.

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