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For the first time ever, we at Lifelong Health Chiropractic are expanding our scope to strive more deeply to reach our mission - to lead as many families as possible to live their healthiest so they can enjoy the things they love with the people they love… for all of life! Please join us at BLOSSOM – a support and connection group for mamas and families at a pivotal time when their families are just beginning or expanding. 

Motherhood is a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. Before my eldest daughter, Cora, was born, I thought I had every tool and experience possible to ensure having the healthiest, happiest baby in the world.  I had a natural birth plan, a parenting plan, 7 years experience as a pediatric chiropractor, 4 younger siblings and 50 younger cousins, and connections to all the leading natural healthcare providers in Minneapolis. My birth plan went out the window after being stuck at 10 cm dilated for over 12 hours with no pushing urges due to severe misalignment of her head in my pelvis. We landed at Plan C – a vaginal birth by the skin of my teeth.  I felt defeated and had a slow recovery, but the birth trauma led to a colicky, reflux-y baby who took all my energy.  She was helped by chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral, and dietary changes, but would still wail constantly unless being worn or held by me.  For clients who have been around for a while, you will remember seeing me adjust with a cute little buddy in an Ergo until she was over 6 months old.  My days were exhausting and I questioned my calling to my vocation, my paradigm of natural health and healing, and my own mothering skills. It took the wisdom and perspective of other mothers for me to let go of the guilt, the ideals and to just mother according to my instincts.  And just like everything in life, that stage passed. We now have an amazingly smart, happy, healthy, and talented 3 ½ year old.

Are you a mama like me who has found yourself in uncharted territory? We have created Blossom just for you as a haven to draw strength from other women.  It is a complimentary group open to any and all mamas with a baby.  We intend to meet together regularly to form community while we sip on tea or coffee in a safe space to feed or comfort baby.  Showers and make-up are optional! This is a place to be real - no question is too small, and no idea or method will be judged. Each gathering, we will meet with an expert to help you to own the changes in your body and your life. Our infant scale will also always be out and available for anyone wanting to check in with growth!  We can’t wait to see all of your families bloom!

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