Big Changes and New Team

Hello everyone! Change is in the air.  As many of you have noticed, our team is expanding.  Liz and I (Dr. Erin) have been working hard for months to bring you the perfect team to elevate the level of service and care in the office.  Please read on to learn more about all of our coming changes!

From Liz:

I have some bittersweet news for you all. Exciting things first: I have decided to go to chiropractic school! The program is 3.5 years and starts on September 26th! I've been thinking about this opportunity for a while, and only recently felt like it was the right time. After looking into my options, I have chosen to go to Life University, which is located in Marietta, GA (just outside of Atlanta). I do know a couple of people in Marietta but this is going to be a huge transition! I am excited, nervous, freaked out, and grateful. My last day at the office will be on September 21st- so please come in and say goodbye! Dr. Erin and I have a plan A, which is for me to come back after school and work together forever. : ) Obviously, there are a couple of years between now and then so things may change, but I would love to come back and rejoin my favorite place to work and play! You all are one of the biggest reasons I want to go back to school full time- so thanks for being amazing patients and friends!

We absolutely can’t wait to see what an amazing chiropractor Liz will be!!! Join us in keeping fingers crossed that a southern boy does not steal her heart so she can come back! And in the years while she is away, we have found the perfect team.  

What’s staying the same:

Tom will continue to work part time in the afternoons and on Saturday, but for a month or so he will be focusing on starting out his school year right.  He got a new teaching job at Webster Elementary teaching special ed!  

Dr. Amy will continue to work Tuesday afternoons.  Dr. Erin will stay at Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings.

New Team!:

Taking over as office manager is the lovely Rachel Carlson, who many of you have met:

Rachel graduated from Bethel University in 2015 with a degree in Elementary Education. Her long term goal is to become either a Nurse or a Child Life Specialist. Last summer, Rachel left on an 11 month missions trip to 11 different countries including Africa, SE Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and one of her favorite countries was Jamaica. Rachel returned home at the end of June this year, so feel free to ask her more about it, she loves talking about her experience! Besides traveling, Rachel loves baking,reading and pretty much anything on the water! She is so excited to be joining the Lifelong Family!

Also joining our team is an amazing intern - the first in over 4 years.  We have been waiting for the right fit: high energy, big heart, great adjusting.  And soon-to-be Dr. Kyle LeDuc is worth the wait!

Kyle is currently in his last trimester of chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University and will graduate in December.  Kyle's chiropractic journey started at a young age when he became interested in health and the human body.  After graduating high school, Kyle did an internship at a hospital where he was exposed to dozens of people who were sick with chronic and debilitating diseases, many of which were preventable.  This experience inspired him to pursue a career that took a proactive approach by preventing these common diseases.  Having benefited from chiropractic his whole life, along with having a brother and uncle who are practicing chiropractors, the decision to pursue a career in chiropractic was obvious.  It is now Kyle's mission to help lead people to a higher level of health through preventative chiropractic, nutrition, and lifestyle advice.

Kyle grew up in northern Minnesota in the town of Thief River Falls.  After graduating high school, he attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  There he graduated from the biology honors program as magna cum laude and also participated in both the pre-health professionals club as well as the wrestling team.  Next, Kyle started in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Northwestern, where he  studied a variety of techniques that work with the body, in order to help the patient achieve optimal health.  He is excited to bring his knowledge and passion for chiropractic to the Northeast community! In Kyle's free time, he enjoys staying active with sand volleyball, golf, traveling, being outdoors, reading, and exploring the Twin Cities.


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