Beautiful gratitude practices for a healthy body and mind

As we discussed in our last blog, there is no antidote for the stress of the holiday hustle like gratitude.  So just in time for Thankgiving, here are a few of my favorite ways to practice gratitude.  And practice it is... just like any other thing you choose to focus on growing, your ability to find thankfulness in every situation will improve the more you try!

For Families, we love discussing one thing that we are grateful for every night before bed.  And gratitude around the dinner table isn't just for Thanksgiving, it's a great time to share what we're excited about.  Our kids started being able to name something they're thankful for even before age 2. We love to think that it helps their brains focus on positive and safe feelings instead of what they're nervous about before we leave at bedtime.

For busy people: try keeping a small gratitude journal where you write down just 1-3 things/day.  It can be by your bedside or just something you carry in your bag. When times are stressful, looking through the written record of all the great things in your life is grounding and relaxing. For those who prefer not to carry extra weight around, there are so many great apps that allow you to keep a digital record of your gratitude... for all of you technology-savvy people, adding photos and videos may stimulate your brain's ability to remember these feelings even more. My favorite apps for gratitude include: 5 Minute Journal, 365 Gratitude.  Gratitude reminders is another app with a day-brightening mantra and photo.

Show gratitude to the ones you love: To express love and thankfulness, why not write a quick handwritten note, send a text to a family member, put a little love note in your child's lunch, or send a small gift to someone who's helped you along the way.  Taking a few moments to focus on those you love and nurture your relationship will feel good now and pay dividends long term!

Happy Thanksgiving, and may every day be filled with Gratitude! We are super thankful for you, our NE Minneapolis community and especially all the patients who trust us with their spine and their health.
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