Beat Stress with Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Lifestyle

When life is coming at you hard and fast, just keeping your head above water can be a test of strength.  Since we can't control any circumstances of life, but can master our own mind and body, beating stress is an inside job.  Keeping our minds and bodies out of fight or flight can help us handle and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

1. What you focus on grows. Take time early each day for quiet prayer, meditation, affirmations.  Before you take in information from your phone, computer, or newspaper or start responding to someone else's agenda, spend some time to build yourself up.

2. Exercise!  There's no better way to burn off some cortisol than to exercise.  This time of year is perfect for a walk, run, or bike ride around the lakes.  ANY form of movement, whether you love dancing, yoga, tabata, raquetball or CrossFit has ample benefits for reducing stress in your body and mind.

3. Explore essential oils! Aromatherapy, especially lavendar, has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

4. Monotasking (the EXACT opposite of multitasking!) has been shown to calm down the mind and the body. Reading, playing an instrument, or producing art are great ways to focus and make the world melt away.

5. Eating a balanced diet filled with healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and organic humanely raised protein keeps your blood sugar stable, your cells healthy, and your mind sharp. Major disruptors to your brain include artificial colors, flavors, and sugars (excitotoxins, MSG, etc.). Sugary foods and unhealthy fats such as trans fat also cause more stress to the mind and digestive system.

6. The most influential tool we posess to pull your nervous system out of fight or flight is chiropractic care. Adjusting the top and bottom of the spine helps the body relax, digest, and heal. Studies have shown powerful changes in heart rate variability, lower blood pressure, and improved function in the brain after a balancing adjustment.

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    Dr. Sheena grew up in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and completed her undergraduate studies in Architecture, Chemistry, and Sustainability at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.